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Maybe it’s because they don’t want us to trudge through the quagmire of learning how to blog that the Blogger community is filled with so many helpful people!  I am still absorbing all the different tools available to us – wow, it’s a lot to learn! Honestly, I feel like I did when I first started in the mortgage business umpteen years ago because blogging, like learning the mortgage trade, has a TON of acronyms, phrases and tech-speak gobbledygook (that’s a techie term, right?).  All of it keeps my head spinning.  BUT, unlike when I started in mortgages, people aren’t leaving me to learn it all on my own.  When I see a post asking a technical question, I notice tons of people chime in with their advice and solutions.

I love, love, love the photography that accompanies the blogs, and in particular, the food blogs.   I’ve been inspired to finally get out the manual that came with my nice Nikon Digital SLR and try to finally figure out all the buttons and settings.  The biggest challenge to me is lighting.  For one thing, I’m a nightowl so if I am baking something at night, there isn’t a whole lot of “natural” ambient light to use for my photos.  But, again, some bloggers have provided hints and advice to solve that challenge.

In particular, I was pleased at all the information that I gleaned from this helpful blogger: http://veganyumyum.com/2008/09/food-photography-for-bloggers/.  After reading her helpful hints, my photos went from looking like this:


To this:

Or like this:


Not where I want it yet but looking a heckuva lot better than the picture above it, right?

I also got some great tips regarding lighting from Jaden at Steamykitchen.com which will help solve my “vampire-like” nocturnal light challenges.  See: — http://tinyurl.com/4gcl7d

 I hope that soon you’ll find my photos more appetizing and less under and over-exposed.  For the next few weeks, though, I think I’ll have to use up my “untrained” group of photos so that you can see my recipes before the upcoming holidays.  i think there are some that might be useful for you.


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