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Yesterday we joined my sister and her husband at the Vista Strawberry Festival.  It is a 45 minute drive to Vista but it’s always worth it to enjoy the abundance of fresh fruit, the company of my sis & her husband and of course, delicious strawberries!   https://www.facebook.com/VistaStrawberryFestival.


There were booths with Strawberry Pizza, Strawberry Lemondade, Strawberry Shortcake (the classic dessert), Chocolate-dipped Strawberries as well as things that had strawberry as an ingredient such as Strawberry Vinegar, Strawberry Chutney, etc.  My husband was tempted by the Strawberry Frosted Cupcakes and Strawberry Funnel Cakes but we still had a dinner to prepare at my sister’s house.

BUT, before we left, we DID enjoy some food from a vendor called Rollswisserie who had a big PORCHETTA sign above their booth.  They had these rotisseries full of chicken and ribs but the real heavenly offering was Porchetta which is pork tenderloin covered in pork belly stuffed with an herb mixture (secret recipe) cooking slowly and methodically on this innovative mobile rotisserie. The Porchetta is shown behind the ribs on this photo of the rotisserie.  If I had a list of the 10 best things I ever ate, that pork would be on it.  We bought 2 lbs to bring home and I am going to try to dissect what herb mixture is in the pork.


.  Here is a photo of the roasted chicken plate with red potatoes and broccoli/zucchini spaghetti mixture.  Delicious!


Here is a photo of the delicious, flavorful cherries from Watsonville.  Perfect candidates for a clafouti.  This is what’s left of the avocados we picked up.  So buttery and flavorful.  And I’ve already made 2 batches of freezer jam.  Yum!


I wished I would have taken some pictures of the delicious dinner my sister prepared for us.  Homemade tomatillo salsa and carne asada and chicken and guacamole and spanish rice and red salsa and, and, and…so much good food.  My contribution was to make some Special Quesadillas.


Take some raw, uncooked tortillas and brush water around the edges.  Fill with a handful of shredded Queso Quesadilla (or Monterey Jack if you can’t find QQ).  Pinch and roll the edge to seal in the filling and quickly fry in a pan of hot vegetable oil  Spoon some hot oil over the rim to cook the edges while the bottom is cooking.  These are delicious served with Chile Relleno sauce (tomatoes sauteed with onions, garlic, bell pepper and a serrano chile).  Happy times!


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